The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N from US$1,670
The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N

The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N

Themes: Nature History Adventure City Chile

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19/12/2019 26/12/2019

The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N

Pick Up & Drop Off at selected hotel
Departure time
End time

-  Welcome kit and detailed itinerary upon arrival

-  02-night of accommodation in Santiago with breakfast.

-  02-night of accommodation in Easter Island with breakfast.

-  03-night of accommodation in Puerto Natales with breakfast.

-  03 half day excursion in shared basis

-  03 full day excursion in shared basis


-  International and domestic air tickets 

-  Meals not specified on the itinerary

-  Personal expenses.

-  Tips


Santiago de Chile: Novapark hotel

Easter Island: Easter Island Eco Lodge

San Pedro de Atacama: Casa Don Tomas

Puerto Varas: Park Inn hotel

Puerto Natales: Vendaval Hotel 



Enjoy the most complete experience along the beautiful landscapes of the Chilean wonders and prepare for an unforgettable adventure touring the country highlights.

Day 1: Welcome to Santiago

Santiago is a cosmopolitan city that blends the oldness with modernity. Today, you will see the origins of the city and landmarks such as Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Post Office and the Municipality of Santiago. The tour will continue by the Government Palace and you will have the chance to walk through some of the most traditional streets and neighborhoods. Later you will go towards the east, to see the modern buildings and how they have transformed the city.

Overnight at the selected hotel in Santiago

Meals inlcuded: Breakfast

Day 2: Easter Time

At proper time you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to the Easter Island.

Today you will learn and understand the connection of the ancient habitants of Easter Island with the Universe. You will visit the ceremonial centers founded in the central area of the island during the last period of construction of Moai, the most important of the Rapa Nui culture. They give emphasis to megalithic archaeological sites that show how astronomy determined the disposition of the giant statues and the platforms in which they are held, with which it is possible to enter into the worldview of the ancient Polynesian navigators who settled Easter Island.

All points visited incorporate old sites that were created and used during the end of the Ahu-Moai phase. These sites represent various cultural developments of Rapa Nui history, all strategically deployed around ceremonial centers. After a knowledgeable day you will return to your hotel.

Overnight at selected hotel in Easter Island.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 3: Arrival of Hotu Matuá  

At proper time you will departure from the hotel to get introduced to the process of colonization of the island and the cultural features of the first habitants of Rapa Nui.

You will learn the story of Hotu Matua, the first king, who started a settlement that lasted more than 700 years and is recognized as the most prolific period of island culture. In this experience, you will be able to visit the area where Hotu Matua disembarked, the sector where you can find his tomb and some of the places where the great part of the giant statues that the populate of Easter Island were built.

You will head to the town of Hanga Roa and goes to Anakena Beach by the way of the center of the island, as it is known in Vaitea and concludes with the return to Hanga Roa by the south coast of Rapa Nui. Finally you will return to your hotel.

Overnight at selected hotel in Easter Island.

Meals included: Breakfast and Box Lunch

Day 4: Power of the Birdmen

Today you will tour some of the most important ceremonial centers of Easter Island, including paintings and archaeological sites of great cultural value, an ascent to the Rano Kau volcano and an interpretive trail through the ancestral town of Orongo.

This route allows you to enter Rapa Nui mythology, learn about important elements of the island's geography and understand the enigmatic history of the ancient habitants of this remote point of the planet.

As the tour continues, you will visit the places where the Tangata Manu (Bird Man) competition is developed annually, based on a fundamental legend of the Rapa Nui culture. The myth points out that the man who captures the first Manutara egg (characteristic of the Pascua-bird) will be invested with supernatural powers and will exercise the political-military leadership of the island for a year. Return to the hotel.

At the scheduled time you will be transferred to the airport to board your flight to Santiago and transfer to your hotel.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Santiago.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 5: Puerto Natales

At schedule time you will be transferred from the Hotel to the Santiago Airport to take your flight to Punta Arenas.

At your arrival you will be assisted and be transferred to the bus station to board the bus to Puerto Natales, approximately 3 hours trip, then you will be transferred to your hotel.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Puerto Natales.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 6: Torres del Paine 

Today you will begin visiting the Milodon Cave, a natural monument located on Benitez Hill, 25 kilometers from Puerto Natales. From there, you will walk for half an hour to go into the cave and observe the stalactites, places where the remains were found and a replica of Milodon. This experience continues bordering different lakes such as Sofía, Porteño and Toro toward the park, which is a biosphere reserve founded in 1959 with a surface over 242.000 hectares. Here the landscape changes drastically becoming unforgettable due its dozen lakes populated by marine birds, and in the background granite picks dominating the area. Turquoise lakes, waterfalls and mountains covered by ice are the predominant landscape inside the park. The trip continues with a walk on the shores of Grey Lake, where blue icebergs can be seen, and in the background the vast Grey glacier. After lunch, prepare for a walk for 15 minutes into the park towards the Waterfall (Salto Grande), which communicates two big lakes inside the park; Nordenskjold and Pehoe Lakes. The road will take you to the Nordenskjold look out and bordering Sarmiento Lake and finally arriving in Laguna Amarga, from where you will have a panoramic view of the three “Towers of Paine”, always depending on the weather conditions. Once you leave the park you will be able to enjoy the most diverse landscapes. Before arriving in Puerto Natales, you will observe the little village of Cerro Castillo and Figueroa Lake.

Overnight at selected hotel in Puerto Natales

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 7: Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers 

After enjoying breakfast, you will head towards the glacier sighting. On the road you will appreciate striking birds, sea lions on rocks and watching condors in areas of streams as it approaches the Balmaceda Mountain (2035 meters altitude) where you can appreciate the glacier of the same name. Then, you will disembark at Puerto Toro to start one hour walk round the shore of the lagoon “Tempanos”, accompanied by your bilingual guide. Through a native forest of “coihues”, “ñirres” and “ciruelillos”, toward the Serrano glacier, you will enjoy the fascinating vegetation surrounding the imposing massif of ice.

After witnessing a unique, wild and unspoiled landscape, you will complete the navigation anchoring in Puerto Natales.

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch.

Overnight at selected hotel in Puerto Natales

Day 8: Farewell

At the scheduled time will be transferred to the bus terminal of Puerto Natales to board bus to the airport of Punta Arenas.

Meals: Breakfast

*Puerto Natales airport is opened from October to March.


The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N
The Diversity of Chile 8D/7N