Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N from US$1,709
Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N

Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N

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04/03/2020 11/03/2020

Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N

Pick Up & Drop Off in selected hotel
Departure time
End time

-   Welcome kit and detailed itinerary upon arrival.

-   Transfers: airport/hotel/airport (The first transfer at arrival is private)

-   02 nights in Lima, 02 nights of accommodation in Cusco, 01 night of accommodation at the Sared Valley, 02 nights in Puerto Maldonado

-  Daily breakfast at the hotels

-  Lima City Tour with entrances to Santo Domingo Convent.

-   Cusco City Tour with entrances to Korikancha, Cathedral, Sacsayhuamán and Quenqo.

-   Sacred Valley Tour with entrances to Chinchero, Textile session and Ollantaytambo fortress with lunch (doesn’t include drinks)

-   Machu Picchu Tour with Expedition train ticket and lunch (doesn’t include drinks)

-   Domestic airfare


-   International airfare.

-   Airport taxes.

-   Beverages at meals and tips.

-   Items not specified in the itinerary. 



Lima: Hotel Ferre or Similar

Valle Sagrado:  Hotel Tikawasi Valley or Similar

Cusco: Hotel Warari or Similar

Puerto Maldonado: Eco Amazonia Lodge or Similar


Lima: Hotel El Tambo 2 or Similar

Valle Sagrado:   Hotel San Agustin Urubamba or Similar

Cusco: Hotel Xima Cusco or Similar

Puerto Maldonado: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion or Similar


Enjoy a mesmerizing adventure along this 8-day trip, touring the most piqturesque places you will imagine. Explore Lima, also known as the City of Kings, and all the history that surrounds it. Discover the Inca highlights including the New World Seven Wonder Machu Picchu and amaze at the nature life Puerto Maldonado has to explore.

Day 1: Welcome to Peru!

Upon arriving in Lima, you will be picked up and taken to your hotel.

Our representative will give you a documentation kit with detailed program explanation. Luggage and hotel registration assistance will be offered.

Overnight at the hotel of your choice in Lima

Meals included: None

Day 2: The Colonial and modern Lima

Known as The City of Kings, Lima has many iconic places. Combining the modern and colonial parts of the city, you will start visiting the beautiful districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, before heading to the Historic Center. There, you will have time to explore some of the most historically important streets of the city, leading to the Plaza de Armas, and also have time to take pictures of the amazing colonial architecture that surrounds it. Then, you will visit the impressive Convent of Santo Domingo, an astonishing building with colonial style. After exploring the Historical Center, you will head towards modern Miraflores to make a stop at the Parque del Amor, a beautiful spot with a panoramic view of the Lima bay area, from where you can take beautiful photographs.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Lima.

Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 3: Cusco City Tour with San Pedro Market & Nerby Ruins

Today you will be transferred to the Lima international airport to take your flight to Cusco.

Upon arrival you will be assisted at the Cusco airport and then transferred to your hotel.

You will have the morning free to rest.

In the afternoon, you will explore the most iconic places of the city of Cuzco! Known as the Imperial City and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this city is a living example of the mixture between Andean and Spanish cultures. The tour starts in the picturesque San Pedro market, a local market where you can explore the colors, flavors and traditions of modern Cuzco, surrounded with unique products in the area, including many varieties of potatoes, chillies, fruit, spices and many others. This experience continues with the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and cult center of the Sun God, above which the order of the Dominicans built a church, which remains standing to this day. The ascent continues as you reach the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, an impressive example of the Inca military architecture. Afterwards, you will get to Q'enqo archeological site, an Inca ceremony site where many important ceremonies took place. Finally, you will arrive to the Plaza de Armas (main square), where you will visit the imposing Cathedral, the most important temple in the city.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Cusco.

Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 4: Authentic Sacred Valley

Today you will visit Chinchero, a small and picturesque town that houses an important Inca archaeological center built at the end of the 15th century, a beautiful and traditional church and you will be able visit the PARWA Center. In this place you can appreciate beautiful textiles and even buy some to take a little bit of Cusco back home. Afterwards, on the way to Ollantaytambo, you will stop at the Racchi viewpoint, where you will have some of the best views of the Sacred Valley. Later, you will enjoy a delicious lunch in a local restaurant. You will continue to Ollantaytambo, one of the most representative architectural complexes of the ancient Inca Empire and one of the few places where the Spanish conquerors lost an important battle. Well known for its platforms, Ollantaytambo was a very effective fortress that also served as a temple. Finally, you will descend to the town of Ollantaytambo, a picturesque place which stands out for maintaining the Inca urban planning as part of its original urban layout, with some buildings and narrow stone streets.

Accommodation at selected hotel in the Sacred Valley.

Meals included: Breakfast and lunch.

Day 5: Machu Picchu Full Day

This day holds what is bound to be the highlight of your visit to Cusco: Machu Picchu. As one of the most renowned and beautiful must-see destinations of the world, it’s no wonder it welcomes over 1 million tourists every year! Your adventure starts with an early train ride towards Aguas Calientes, a picturesque village at the foot of Machu Picchu citadel. Once you arrive it’s only a short bus ride up the mountain and you’ll find yourself standing before one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and one of the most important energy centers. It will be an unforgettable sight! You’ll set off to explore the citadel with its unique ruins, terraces and photogenic alpacas. From the highest hills you’ll be able to take in the unbelievable spectacle that is Machu Picchu seen from above. After soaking up the magical energy (and with plenty of photographs to show!) you’ll head back down to Aguas Calientes to have a delicious lunch and board the Expedition train back to Cusco and transferred to your hotel.

Accommodation at selected hotel in Cusco.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day 6: Peru's Rainforest

At Schedule time you will be transferred from your hotel to the airport to take your flight to Puerto Maldonado.

The adventure begins arriving in the always warm Puerto Maldonado, where you will be welcomed and provided with the necessary information for your stay as you get transfered to your hotel. There, you will be informed of the programs they offer for the experiences.(*)

Overnight at the hotel of your choice in Puerto Maldonado

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Virgin Jungle

After Breakfast, you will begin an adventure through the virgin jungle with a walk and the excursions that you scheduled with the hotel of your choice. (**)

Overnight at the hotel of your choice in Puerto Maldonado

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Farewell

After a restful night’s sleep, the powerful voices of the howler monkeys (Alouatta senículus) will be your alarm clock to let you know the sun is coming up and it’s going to be time to leave. After having a delicious breakfast you will begin the journey back to the airport to take your flight to Lima. (***)

Meals included: Breakfast


Eco Amazonia: Arriving to Puerto Maldonado the program begins with a bus ride through the city. Head to Puerto Capitanía and take a boat ride on the Lower Madre de Dios River (Serpentine River) until arriving to the lodge. Along the way you will observe on the banks of the river areas dedicated to agricultural and livestock activities near the city. If the weather is favorable, you will see colorful plants such as the giant flowers, Heliconia and animals such as capybaras, caimans, aquatic turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion scavenger birds and birds of prey. Arriving to the lodge you will be welcomed with a refreshing fruit juice and have time to settle into your room and then enjoy lunch. In the afternoon you will walk to Cocha Caimán, a small lake where you may be able to see the black caiman, white caiman and a large variety of fish. As evening falls you will be witness of a spectacular Amazonian sunset. Dinner will be waiting for when you return to the lodge. The nocturnal fauna will lull you to sleep with the melody of the birds and insects.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica: The adventure begins arriving in Puerto Maldonado, where you will be welcomed and provided with the necessary information for your stay. You will ride in a canoe with an outboard motor along the Madre de Dios River to Hacienda Concepcion. Enjoy a buffet lunch made with organic ingredients and native flavors. Afterwards, you will walk through the Concepción trail network where you will discover and learn about the forest, its components, uses, man-made transformations, and its relevance to the world. At dusk you will go on a canoe trip along the river at night, where you will see behavior of the nocturnal fauna and the southern constellations. 


Eco Amazonia: After breakfast, begin an adventure through the virgin jungle on a hike, accompanied by a guide, into the deep forest to Concha Perdida. Along the way, go back in time, crossing many bridges and witness the widest range of species of flora and fauna of great beauty in the wild. If you’re lucky you may see a jaguar, tapir, river otter, armadillo, among other mammals. On the trail you will learn to identify species of fruit, forest and medicinal trees that support animal populations in the Amazonian forests. Once arriving to Concha Perdida, you will climb up onto an observation platform from which you will be able to appreciate the enormous magical surface of two kinds of marshes, dense and mixed. Later you will take a walk along the shores of the marsh before returning to the lodge to enjoy an exquisite lunch. In the afternoon you can visit Monkey Island in the heart of the Madre de Dios River, and as its name states, it is home to numerous specimens of primates, such as the spider monkey, capuchin, squirrel monkey and the pygmy marmoset, as well as other small mammals. Finally, you will end your adventure filled day with the most impressive sunset in the jungle.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica: After breakfast you can take an excursion to Lake Sandoval in the Tambopata National Reserve. Paddle in a wooden canoe on the lake, home to many endangered species, such as the Giant River Otter, Red Howler Monkeys, Red-bellied Macaw, anacondas and the Yellow-spotted Side neck Turtle. Head back to Inkaterra Amazon Reserve for lunch. In the afternoon the recommendation is to visit the Inkaterra Canopy, a 29 meters tall observation tower where you can see many species that live in the high canopy of the forest. Next you can take the Anaconda Hike, where you will walk for 30 minutes along 200 meters of wooden bridges over the marsh, looking for anacondas. At night you will explore the Amazon rainforest that gives way to nightlife. End your day an exceptional day with a delicious dinner.


Eco Amazonia: After a restful night’s sleep, the powerful voices of the howler monkeys (Alouatta senículus) will be your alarm clock to let you know the sun is coming up and it’s time to leave. After breakfast you will begin the journey back to Puerto Maldonado.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica: Enjoy a full breakfast before leaving. Enjoy a 45-minute boat ride on the Madre de Dios River, back to Puerto Maldonado where you will visit the Butterfly House. Peru has the largest variety of butterflies in the world, with 3,700 known species. Then take your flight to Lima or Cusco.


Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N
Machu Picchu & The Amazon Adventure 8D/7N